About us :

Our company is based in Montreal, Canada and has been offering inspiring ideas in home decor and furniture to the trade since its very beginning. Through our expertise in interior design and continuous evaluation of the market, we are able to to supply you with high-quality furniture and decorative items from all over the world. Please have a look at our online catalogs which we divided into 2 unique catalogs  ‘IDliving collection’ and the unique ‘Collection Privee’.  All of them, off course, carefully selected by our designer and manufactured with great expertise by craftsmen from all over the world.... Enjoy !!!

Our products are made by the most extraordinary materials and often come with a honourable history. The mortar, which is one  of mankinds  first tools, was so valued that people passed it down from mother to daughter. We source abandoned ones to give them new life by reinventing their use.  If these could talk, they would have a few stories to tell. You could be part of that by using them in their new function as side table..

Another example is the remarkable Bamileke spider stool or table. Carved by master craftsmen from a single piece of wood  it’s concept reveals the ancient myths of the Cameroon people.  All the wood used in our items come from sustainable sources.  Wether sourced here in Canada or from the rain forests of Africa, we take care not to use species of rare and exotic hardwoods that are rare and illegal to harvest. Our suppliers make sure to use wood from fast growing and easy renewable origin.

About our designer :

Our founder and designer was born and grew up in Europe and was introduced to design from an early age. His father was a well known furniture importer and wholesaler and his mother has been working in the Interior design field.

Growing up around furniture and design as a way of life has refined a good sense  of spaces, volumes, colours, textures and defining trends in interior design. After graduating he worked for several other companies in different sectors and finally started working in his fathers business where he learned all the ins and outs of a high volume wholesale business.

After a few years and a move to Canada, he specialized in interior design for which he received a degree cum laude and started his own design studio. After working several years in both residential and Commercial design, he started importing items he could not find locally for his clients.

Soon our company became specialized in importing cowhide rugs from South America. As this part of the business grew fast and the 2008 US market crash forever changed the interior design market, decision was made to solely continue on this path.

His passion lies in the cooperation among global cultures, bringing the spirit and craft from another culture to our contemporary life. Olivier has been dedicated to be on the crossroad of great design and authentic tradition and to be a bridge between tradition, craftsmanship, respect of material and the trends and requirements of our Urban lifestyles, resulting in an extraordinary and unique collection of modern furniture and accessories in which each piece is simultaneously a work of art and a reflection of worlds that have come before.