Item : Water buffalo skull & horns

Size : varies. from 24” to 36” wide and 30” to 36” high.

Code : 900 Buffalo plain Large

            901 Buffalo plain Xlarge

            904 Buffalo carved Large

            905 Buffalo carved Xlarge.

Absolute works of art ! This might be the best way to describe these real fabulously hand carved buffalo skulls. Each one is unique and carved by a true master. Patterns vary and can display a variety of Asian inspired patterns. If you are looking for that something that will make a statement in your decor, these are absolutely worth considering. The detail of the carvings is just mesmerizingly beautiful.

The domestic Asian water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) is a large buffalo found all over the Indian Subcontinent , vietnam, Mayasia, Sri lanka and Indonesia. Water buffaloes are not related to the North American buffalo and are especially suitable for work on the rice fields.

Thier milk is richer in fat and protein than the dairy cow. There are at least 130 million domestic water buffalo, and more human beings depend on them than on any other domestic animal. they were first domesticated first in India approx. 5000 years ago.

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